CRTKL Sustainability Design Slam 2022

Announcement | October 28, 2022

CRTKL has adopted two important goals for all its projects:  

  • Climate positive for operation by 2030 
  • Climate positive for operation and embodied carbon (materials) by 2040 

To help us achieve this goal, CRTKL’s Computational Design team hosted its first Sustainability Design Slam. This event was a competition-based training that introduced employees to sustainable design concepts using Autodesk Spacemaker, an early-phase design and planning software with built-in sustainability analysis.  

The Sustainability Design Slam was a week-long, virtual event during which participants were challenged to design a vibrant and sustainable mixed-use master plan with a focus on understanding the sustainability metrics of the scheme including sunlight, noise, view distance and operational energy. 

“Our Computational Design team was thrilled to host this firmwide event. We were impressed by the level of engagement from all the participants and the thoughtfulness put into the final submissions.”    Jason Wheeler, CRTKL Computational Design Lead  

Read below to learn more about our three winning event submissions!  


The 1st and 2nd Place Awards were selected by a CRTKL panel of judges representing our Design, Digital, and Performance Driven Design teams via an anonymous review process.

“Sustainable Splay is a project with a sense of play, utilizing the building massing as a driver for design to create sustainable outcomes.”  Joey-Michelle Hutchison, CRTLK Associate Principal & Performance-Driven Design Expert

What I like about Sustainable Splay is the element of exploration. The scheme envisions the articulation of the façade and not only the morphology of the block layout to achieve very positive outcomes.   Camila de Simas, CRTKL Associate Principal


Bosco is an excellent example of out of box thinking, shown by the design decision to encapsulate the train line with a tunnel.”   – Moses Magro, CRTKL Director of Design Technology

Bosco does an exceptional job mitigating ground level noise, and I appreciate the design decision to use the vertical forest tower as the project focal point.”   Joey-Michelle Hutchison, CRTLK Associate Principal & Performance-Driven Design Expert


Laura Rote of Green Building & Design came on board as this year’s judge for our Sustainability Design Slam Media Award 

Animorphosis is an inspiring, pedestrian-friendly project that brings life to the neighborhood while celebrating the area. I love the plentiful pockets of public space as well as the panoramic views and natural light available within the ambitious wood project.”   Laura Rote, Managing Editor at Green Building & Design