Announcement | April 1, 2020

CallisonRTKL’s Emergency Healthcare Facility Response

We are committed to broadening our impact by reaching out to our community

CallisonRTKL is actively helping clients globally respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We are committed to broadening our impact by reaching out to our community to see how we can be of assistance. There are various levels of interaction that you may need, whether a light touch or a turnkey solution, and we are here to help!

Planning and Design

  • Concept design and diagramming
  • Healthcare facility assessment
  • Rapid response design and specifications for existing healthcare space conversion
  • Adaptive reuse
  • Modular solutions
  • Temporary structures
  • New build

Operational Assessment

  • Forward triage
  • Operational flow assessment


  • Space activation
  • Readying rooms
  • Patient move process
  • Command center support
  • Medical equipment planning


  • Walkthrough checklists
  • Equipment procurement
  • Lead time scheduling
  • Logistics support for receipt and installation of equipment

Senior Vice President

Jim Henry is leading both the wellness initiative and the global healthcare practice of CRTKL. His extensive portfolio brings nearly 20 years of architectural experience reflecting his commitment to designing physical environments that enrich lives and promote the humanistic principles he strongly values. Jim is an award-winning architect with recognition both in leadership and design. He strives to bring visionary leadership and design to every project opportunity. His ability to help deliver award-winning projects that exceed the client’s expectations is a reflection of his ability to connect big ideas and clients’ vision with his passion for great design.