Adjunct Assistant Professors — Jason Wheeler, Carlos Alba, Eduardo Castaneda

Announcement | January 11, 2023

We are happy to announce that Jason Wheeler, Carlos Alba, and Eduardo Castañeda from CRTKL will be teaching as Adjunct Assistant Professors at the University of Texas at Arlington. They will be instructing a third year Design Studio at UTA’s College of Architecture, Planning and Public Affairs (CAPPA). The University was very keen to connect with an international architecture company and engaging creative designers, with real life experience, to teach the students.

Jason Wheeler

“Digital technologies have become a fundamental aspect to our industry, I’m excited to help push this topic with the students at UTA. How can we utilize the process of computational design and data to further our explorations and creativity? What digital tools are out there to help us communicate our designs more efficiently? How can digital technologies promote a healthier relationship with our industry and the world? Exposing students to these aspects early on will set them up for the new digital landscape of the professional world.

I myself received a Masters of Architecture many years ago, and in my college years is where the passion for the process of Computational Design started. It has been something that I have introduced in all the projects I have been a part of throughout my career as an architectural designer. It has also led me to my current non-traditional path of becoming a professional in the world of Design Technology. Now, I use digital technologies and data to help architectural designers build, design, craft, think and problem solve in new ways using advanced digital workflows. I’m excited to work with the students show them my experiences, but just as excited to learn from them.”

Eduardo Castañeda

“Through my time at CRTKL, I’ve established myself as an inspiring leader who is eager to leverage my story as a Latino architect to rally the next generation of design professionals. As an engaging mentor and designer, I’ve endeavor to make architecture more inclusive in Dallas and across the country. I feel extremely hopeful for the profession and the community that will continue to help eliminate the barriers for minorities trying to enter the profession, making diversity and inclusion commonplace in the practice of architecture. I am that much more determined to be a part of the change for future generations.”

Carlos Alba

“I am incredibly humbled and excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the education of the next generation of Architects and creative thinkers. The world around us is changing at a rapid pace and we are facing numerous global shifts. From the climate crisis, to AI, to urbanization, the need for sustainable

and smart solutions across the profession is not optional anymore; and we all need to be part of the solution. Its my hope, to empower students to become a collective of curiously diverse creators, with a ‘Human-Centered creative thinking and problem solving’ approach, to challenge the status quo, break convention and seek bold outcomes, that can benefit the world.”