Yangpyung Auto-Accident Rehabilitation Hospital

A hospital dedicated to meeting specific needs brings a new level of care to this community.

With 1.36 million automobile accidents a year resulting in more than $7 trillion in medical expenses annually since 2007, South Korea’s Ministry of Land & Transportation Authority recognized a need for an accident-specialized rehab center. As the first of its kind, this 300-bed hospital was designed to meet the long-term care requirements that many automobile accident patients often need. The design team altered the basic concept of a hospital, reducing areas such as the emergency room and creating more space for extended stay patients. The client was involved in each step of the process, allowing the team to implement LEAN concepts throughout the design. The team used a survey at the beginning of the project to evaluate process and performance allowing for consolidation, combination and even elimination of extraneous elements. The result is a facility that functions with maximum efficiency and provides value to a community in need.

Location South Korea Markets