Rohde & Schwarz USA

A new location gives Rohde & Schwarz (RSA) an opportunity to bring new life to their North American headquarters.

After moving into a new facility, Rohde & Schwarz (RSA) wanted a workplace that strengthened their North American identity, gave a nod to their German parent company, and created a sense of confidence in their employees. The organization looked to CallisonRTKL to help them create an environment that would tie all these components together in one, cohesive space. To provide a dramatic sense of arrival, the design team created an atrium and open stair connecting two floors. Within the atrium, two vertically stacked conference rooms are finished in on-brand blue lacquer panels, establishing a feature element within the space. Glass walls on both ends create views connecting the north and south sides of the building. The core almost always remains in view, acting as a reference point no matter where you are in the building. The final design creates a welcoming environment for visitors and employees and shines a spotlight on the RSA brand.

Location Columbia, Maryland Services , Markets