National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust

CallisonRTKL designed a new workspace for the National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust with a timeless yet modern design.

Because NRRIT is a non-profit, one of the goals was to design an updated office that respected the organization’s strict budget. Maximizing the value of the workspace was also very important, so the new design focuses on a classic design and well-planned spaces. The office was split into two separate areas, with the front containing meeting areas and board rooms, and the back filled with open workspaces and offices. CallisonRTKL felt it was important to assess the needs of the company and find solutions that fit every issue. From a design standpoint, NRRIT was able to stay under budget by recycling materials from their old office space, such as glass doors and light fixtures, and using various paint shades to create depth and texture on the walls. This allowed for a high-quality final design that remained within their budgetary constraints.

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