Guildford Town Centre

Guildford Town Centre's revitalization ensures years of continued success for this regional entertainment destination.

As a central part of Surrey’s identity, Guildford Town Centre needed an upgrade to meet the needs of the area’s evolving community. The redeveloped shopping centre provides residents and businesses with a modern, family-friendly space and an enhanced retail experience, while remaining true to the foundation of the community. With a blend of many fashion and new-to-market retailers, services, amenities, facilities, eateries and entertainment, one of Guildford Town Centre’s most fascinating features is a nearly 10,000-SF Living Wall on the exterior of the shopping centre. The Living Wall extends over one of Surrey’s major commuting streets and stands alone as the largest of its kind in North America, featuring more than 120 different species of plants. These efforts secure Guildford Town Centre’s role as a regional entertainment destination and ensure years of continued success.

Location Surrey, Canada Services , Markets