Edelman Public Relations

CallisonRTKL’s design team returns to update the same public relations workplace they created over a decade ago.

When Edelman public relations decided to redesign their Washington, D.C. location, they once again chose CallisonRTKL to create a space that reflects the company’s mission and brand. After providing interior design services for the same office 12 years ago, CallisonRTKL created a lasting relationship with the client and was asked to return and update the 47,000-SF space. This time, Edelman wanted a space that was urban, artsy and young – nothing too formal. CallisonRTKL took their ideas and developed a “cool, bright and branded” concept, but even more important than the concept is the space and attitude behind the redesign. Edelman’s new space is a seamless assimilation of brand and design within a bold, urban workplace.

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