American Insurance Association

CallisonRTKL created an efficient, active, open space to increase collaboration among team members.

To coincide with their 150th anniversary, the American Insurance Association turned to CallisonRTKL to create an office closer to central Washington, D.C. that reflects their mission and rich history of innovation and leadership. The design team created an efficient, active, open space that significantly cut costs, reduced the real estate footprint by 35%, and continues to increase collaboration among team members.

AIA’s team includes multiple stakeholders, from lawyers and lobbyists to human resources and administrative staff, all of whom were accustomed to private, individual offices. CallisonRTKL worked closely with AIA to make sure the different needs of all these groups were met in an open, efficient office at a new address. Sit-stand desks, abundant natural daylight, privacy screens, a library and activity-based workspaces are just some of the design solutions to the challenges raised by AIA. Along with an interactive touch screen at the entrance, a large multipurpose conference room features an operable glass-front partition that opens to the reception area, giving AIA the flexibility to host large events for staff, stakeholders and members of their community.

CallisonRTKL also strategically emphasized angles and colors throughout the space to delineate workspace types. The finishes and materials lend a sophisticated feel to the entire office and enhance AIA’s existing brand. Angular shapes cut from acoustical felt line the walls of privacy rooms and graphic film patterns on glass emphasize the concept and define collaboration areas. Graphic paint patterns on drywall columns in the open office carry the concept throughout the space.

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