Xiaoguang Liu Joins BBC’s Business Matters Podcast to Talk China’s Commercial Evolution

Announcement | July 26, 2022

BEIJING, China — July 26, 2022 — Recently, Xiaoguang Liu, Principal of CRTKL, was invited to participate in the BBC’s “Business Matters” podcast to discuss with Sam Fenwick the development and changes in China’s commercial field over the past 20 years. Taking The New (Xidan Cultural Plaza Renovation) as an example, Xiaoguang discussed the integration of urban public and commercial spaces in the epidemic context, and how place-making has become a trend with people’s changing lifestyles.

“I grew up in the city and studied and worked abroad,” Xiaogunag begins. “To me, this place is strangely familiar. It’s one of the childhood places that my mom used to take me to. There are many shops and shopping centers here. This one is special because of its location and history. This latest redevelopment happens at a time when China shifted from fast and mega development to urban renewal. The government and the client expect the project to showcase what Beijing as a city has to offer.”

Listen to the podcast in full here: