CRTKL’s Pablo La Roche And Cliff Bollmann to Present Civic Citation Award Winner Guadalajara Airport Terminal Two at AIA Los Angeles’ Inside Look: The Design Award Winners Event

Announcement | November 1, 2021

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – November 1, 2021 – Pablo La Roche, Principal in CRTKL’s Los Angeles office and Cliff Bollmann, Associate Principal in CRTKL’s New York City office, will present CRTKL’s Healthcare/Institutional/Civic Citation award-winning project Guadalajara Airport Terminal 2 at the AIA Los Angeles’ Inside Look: The Design Award Winners event. They will describe how the designers resolved challenges, elevated sustainability goals, fulfilled societal aspirations, and achieved design excellence along the way.

The presentation will address key elements of our holistic sustainability approach in the terminal as a response to the client’s aspirations: integrated from day 1 in the design process (including competition pursuit) using building simulation to evaluate ideas in different areas such as daylight, glare, energy and carbon.

From curbside to airside, the journey is easy, fluid and familiar at Guadalajara Airport Terminal 2. Whether a traveler is arriving, departing, or connecting, they have everything they need — restaurants and bars, hotel amenities, family spaces and facilities and pet care. Comfortable waiting areas with eco-friendly interior gardens and lots of daylight, visual art spaces and live performance spaces take the hassle out of traveling. Highly engaging, seamlessly responsive and intelligently efficient, Guadalajara Airport’s new T2 connects people, places, things and communities — and connects us all to the future.

Pablo La Roche is a Principal in CallisonRTKL’s Los Angeles office and a leader for the firm’s Performance-Driven Design initiatives, focusing on sustainable design for the commercial practice group. His expansive portfolio includes sustainable buildings all over the world designed with state-of-the-art tools. A tenured professor of architecture at Cal Poly Pomona University, Pablo is also an accomplished author; he has written more than 130 technical papers for journals and conferences, and his book Carbon-Neutral Architectural Design placed in the top ten in Amazon’s Energy and Buildings category. He is also past president of the Society of Building Science Educators and chair of the solar building’s division of the American Solar Energy Society.

Cliff Bollmann is an Associate Principal in CRTKL’s New York City office. Cliff is known for his ability to guide complex assignments that merge thoughtful design with careful technical leadership. With nearly 25 years of experience and having worked on nearly 30 airport design projects domestically and internationally, his detailed attention to balancing unique and distinctive solutions with budget requirements has consistently proven valuable, helping projects achieve their stakeholders’ goals. Cliff has extensive knowledge of airport operations with strong emphasis on the customer’s journey and experience.