CRTKL Wins Bid for Chengdu Jiaozi Park Financial Business District Hedong Characteristic Financial Street

Press Release | March 2, 2023

CRTKL won the bid for the design of the Chengdu Jiaozi Park CBD He Dong District. Presently, this project has fully started the design and construction work as the first opening district of the east area of the CBD.

Chengdu is the first “Park City Demonstration Zone” in China, and the Chengdu Jiaozi Park project is the first demonstration project of Chengdu’s “Park City”. The completion of this project will be the first neighborhood-style retail district + financial center benchmark project in Chengdu.



The project is located in the eastern part of the CBD in the Jiaozi Park business district. The site includes five consecutive commercial development plots and 10 landmark financial headquarters along Jiaozi Park from west to east, with 100,000sqm of the commercial district, aiming to create a distinctive financial commercial street with urban landscape integration, cultural and business, and people-oriented. The total investment of the project is 7.4 billion RMB, with a planned site area of 78,000sqm and a total of 580,000sqm above and below ground. Phase I, Lot H05, is a Grade A office building with a total capacity of 76,000sqm and a planned height of 100m; Phase II, Lot H06, is a super Grade A office building with a total capacity of 89,000sqm and a planned height of 150m; Phase III includes Lots G09 and G10, both of which are Grade A office buildings, and Lot G08, a twin-tower super Grade A office building.

Chengdu is a city full of culture and happiness. “Happiness” is the keyword of future design. CRTKL advocates humanism design, focusing on specific requirements of construction users in places and responding to changes in demands through design. CRTKL’s design enables people to enjoy happiness and freedom in the places and improves their participation so that they can gain more meaningful and energetic life experiences.

The birthplace of the earliest paper money “jiaozi” and Jinjiang Greenway. Jiaozi Park Business District is located between the third ring road and the Belt Expressway, with convenient traffic. There, you can get a unique crossover experience of art business + financial and commercial affairs. Straddling the Jinjiang River, Jiaozi Park with blocks on both sides constitutes the central axis of Chengdu and is also a place where city and nature melt into one another. The “doorway space” in the East Section echoes the core area in the West Section. TOD is applied to Jiaozi Park, creating a commercial block with a landscape of the park.

City planning is shifted from building the “city park” to building the “park city”, to drive the diversified and three-dimensional development of park city in the East Area. It extends to the axis of Tianfu Avenue to the west, making up the green pivot between the Old Town and the Tianfu New Area. Here, we create a human-oriented commercial street with characteristics of the integration of city and landscape and the mix of culture and commerce. Here, we paint a beautiful and glorious picture of gold and green intertwined.

The design team intends to create a harmonious relationship between man and nature, create an environment for deep socializing and close connection. CRTKL’s design purpose is highly aligned with the client’s vision and goals, which is being “People-Planet-Positive Design”, where “People” refers to the “community”, “Planet” refers to “net zero emissions and eco-friendliness”, and “Positive Design” refers to “a healthy and pleasant working environment”.


1.) Spatial Form Strategy of Park City

Create a one-kilometer-long slow-walking experience trail that connects nature and TOD. To be the right scale, making full use of riverfront and park landscape resources, and complementing outdoor and indoor street spaces. Create a happy Chengdu life destination.

Roaming on Park Avenue, you can experience the multi-layer and multi-scale 3D design of the park. The ground-floor shops are designed to open to the street which sprawls with lush vegetation. An abundant scenario design forms the energetic core with multiple layers and subjects.


Based on the characteristics of the plots, Jiaozi Park is divided into the East, Central, and West Sections. The city air pedestrian system, the “Exploration Path”, is designed for people to walk among the Park, the site, and CBD, experiencing 24-hour three-dimensional city public space. TOD is applied to Jiaozi Park, creating a commercial block with a landscape of the park.


Continuing the historical, cultural and humanistic, and natural context of Chengdu runs through the expression of the architectural image, the perfect combination of local and international image. Blend traditional and modern design techniques, adopting the integrated design of skirt buildings and towers. It is the spiritual landmark of He Dong Business District, like bamboo shoots after rain, bursting out exuberant vitality and sense of strength.

4.) Park+mixed-use interactions

The common development of parks + commercial complexes can help promote the shaping of new consumption scenarios, improve new consumption supply and shape new consumption hotspots, and lead to new consumption upgrades.


Design Team:

May Wei
Registered Architect, LEED AP BD+C


Tony Chen
Registered Architect, LEED AP BD+C


Architecture Design: James Wong,Lin Li,Alan Chow,Haiyan Wei,Kuan Chen,Ana Yang,Louisa Feng,Jun Duan,Yuting Zhu,Vegas Liu,Mengjiao Wang,Rong Yang,Estelle Huang, Chole Huang,Chris Zhang,Peter Zhong,Felix Lin
Planning Design: Yasmine Huang,Fengxi Wang
Brand and Interior Design: Benny Chou,Yoti  Huang