Professional Consulting Company

CRTKL worked with a Professional Consulting Firm to create a next-generation workplace pilot program that can be rolled out across the firm’s headquarters campus. The design team strategized with the client to generate a new set of standards that promote community and identity, attract and retain talent and offer a renewed dedication to employee wellness among a primarily hoteling-based staff.  Natural light floods the space, interactive kiosks allow employees to select their workstation and multi-purpose social zones encourage interaction. Collaboration spaces are complemented by privacy booths to offer a mix of uses that allows users to engage and interact while still supporting the client’s confidentiality needs. Wellness corners help employees relax and recharge using lounge furniture and treadmill desks. Each of these design aspects help reenergize mobile employees and commuters to come into the office.

American Greetings Creative Studios & World Headquarters

With a rich history dating back to 1905, American Greetings wanted a new headquarters that would carry the business into the next century. The company looked to CallisonRTKL to design a facility that would be an expression of their corporate culture and character, with both a deep respect for the American Greetings history and a view to the future of the industry. At over 60,000 SM, the new headquarters is a truly modern workplace with space for offices, meeting rooms, photo studios, showrooms and a large courtyard. The location blends seamlessly with nearby shopping, dining and residential areas, making this fourth-generation, family-run corporation an integral part of the community.


Designed to combine state-of-the-art sustainability with historic warehouse character, Amazon’s new headquarters reflects its innovative approach to online retailing. CallisonRTKL’s designs for 3 of the 11 campus buildings in Seattle’s South Lake Union pay homage to the original industrial character of the neighborhood with brick masonry construction. Roof gardens, dog-friendly landscaping and living walls all cater to the changing nature of work by promoting employee choice and wellness. The mid-rise office buildings, all designed to LEED Gold standards, consolidate scattered staff on one campus to foster collaboration and improve efficiency for the Fortune 500 company.

Edelman Public Relations

When Edelman public relations decided to redesign their Washington, D.C., location, they once again chose CallisonRTKL to create a space that reflects the company’s mission and brand. After providing interior design services for the same office 12 years ago, CallisonRTKL was asked to update the 47,000-SF space. This time, Edelman wanted a space that was urban, artsy and young. CallisonRTKL developed a “cool, bright and branded” concept, but even more important than the concept is the space and attitude behind the redesign, which are aimed at increasing employee retention in an ever-increasing mobile work world. Spaces that blur the lines between work and play, like the piano bar, illustrate the how the office is becoming more than just a place to do work. Edelman’s new space is a seamless assimilation of brand and design within a bold, urban workplace.

Torre Europa

Originally constructed in 1985 in Madrid’s business district and across from Santiago Bernabéu Stadium—home of the Real Madrid football team—the 120-meter high Torre Europa is a striking landmark in need of key upgrades. CallisonRTKL’s design reorients the entrance and revamps the lobby, providing more light and transparency. A second entrance on the ground level enhances outdoor connectivity, improving links to a public plaza surrounded by dining and other amenities and capitalizing on a growing desire for open, public spaces. All internal lift lobbies and cross lobbies were upgraded accordingly, complemented by new finishes, stone floors, contemporary lighting and a consistent branding identity. CallisonRTKL also replaced the tower’s exposed concrete façade with stainless steel, enhancing its modern appeal for international companies.

Deloitte Edinburgh

Deloitte turned to CallisonRTKL to help solve three design challenges for their Edinburgh location. They wanted to maximize space efficiencies, feature forward-thinking workplace elements and stay consistent with the organization’s global portfolio of offices. By building on the strength of the Deloitte brand, CallisonRTKL created a distinctive and locally sensitive workplace that helps ensure a similar experience for clients and employees from other Deloitte offices. The space is flexible, understanding the need for diverse work stations to cater to the many modern ways of working. As with all of CallisonRTKL’s workplace environments, green office principles are key to the design scheme. With the goal of achieving an SKA Gold rating, the design team incorporated energy-saving systems into the space, including motion detection for all lighting and waste management systems.


Appian leaders wanted to move from an enclosed, confined office to an open setting that allowed for better communication and collaboration, but still maintained a sense of privacy in personal workspace areas. To meet this mission, CRTKL layered privacy by incorporating a mix of shared teaming areas, partitioned desks and open conference rooms. The new space offers connectivity and real-time information sharing while preserving the privacy that employees need to accomplish daily tasks. It also incorporates spaces for relaxing and mingling, including an XBox lounge where gamers can reenergize and collaborate in a fun setting. This transition, from a traditional cubicle layout to an open and transparent space, was a major catalyst for positive changes to Appian’s work processes and office culture.

Lenovo Global Campus HQ

Creating a building that is both beautiful and green, CallisonRTKL’s design team formed a new campus environment and corporate community for this multi-national personal technology company based in Beijing. The overall approach was to connect employees to the environment and establish a strong sense of unity while meeting U.S. Green Building criteria and the China GBL 3-Star. The new workplace also features forward-thinking tech like indoor GPS, a car-parking management system, indoor CO2 monitors, an intelligent food tray system and solar-heated water. Not only is the result an architectural achievement, but the new campus will provide a high-performance headquarters for 9,000 employees and will strengthen the company’s standing as one of the world’s leading technology brands.


The American Insurance Association turned to CallisonRTKL to create an office closer to central Washington, D.C., that reflects their mission and rich history of innovation and leadership. The design team created an efficient, active, open space that significantly cut costs, reduced the real estate footprint by 35%, and continues to increase collaboration among team members. Sit-stand desks, abundant natural daylight, privacy screens, a library and activity-based workspaces are just some of the design solutions to the challenges raised by AIA. Along with an interactive touch screen at the entrance, a large multipurpose conference room features an operable glass-front partition that opens to the reception area, giving AIA the flexibility to host large events for staff, stakeholders and members of their community.

JLL Baltimore

Commercial real estate firm JLL engaged CallisonRTKL to design a space that would bring to life their global vision of an activity-based working environment inspired by the Baltimore region. With an interactive touchscreen display, JLL’s Innovation Center promotes a new level of client engagement and brand identity. Baltimore street maps are ingrained on the conference room fronts for privacy, while local headlines adorn the ceiling in the community park and the entire space boasts panoramic views of the Baltimore harbor. The design presents a new face for JLL’s brand—one that showcases the company’s real estate services and cutting-edge technology capabilities and that embraces trending workplace and wellness principles.

China Life Tower

The China Life Insurance Company Office Tower is a standout in Shenzhen’s central business district. The exterior design was inspired by China Life’s logo and features a split building massing divided into two towers that are united as one structure. The dark glass of the south tower reduces solar heat gain, while the transparent façade and lower height of the north tower allow for maximum daylighting of the office space. Inside, interconnected spaces are an integral part of the design, from the lobby to the office floors. This elevated lobby connects to the public plaza at the street level, resulting in a design that connects to the city’s urban fabric. In the modern urban landscape, everyday experiences must be interconnected. How you get to work, who you see and how your environment encourages or hinders your interactions with others make a substantial impact on creativity and productivity, and China Life uses design and circulation to poise the workplace for innovation.

Dubai Creek Harbour

Inspired by the unique opportunity to transform the face of Dubai by creating a walkable, accessible and sustainable city of the future, CallisonRTKL designed Dubai Creek Harbour as a place where people can work, live and play in harmony with nature. The mixed-use development offers over 7.3 million SM of residential space and 3.2 million SM of retail, hotel, office, cultural and community space. The project features civic and cultural attractions, including a 30-HA central park and a new waterfront development. Sustainable drainage, green roofs and multimodal transport including rental bicycles and an on-site bus and tram network help ensure the environmental sustainability of the project and its responsiveness to Dubai’s culture and climate.

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