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Designing for passion in the worklpace

All Work and No Play: Designing for Passion in the Workplace

Associate Bonnie Toland discusses how to design for passion and productivity. As a child, my mother would tell me, “Finish your work first, then you can play.” The idea that work is a task to complete before life can happen has colored my academic and professional life. It’s a widespread concept that cripples creativity and […]

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Beyond Retail: Part 1

In part one of a three-part series, CallisonRTKL Vice President Kyle Jeffery examines how blurring the lines of retail can have enormous impact. In the past, retail was a space that relied on transaction rather than interaction. But now everyone—and I don’t just mean millennials—wants more than that. To compete with online shopping, we have […]

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The Mall of the Future, an Rx for New Life

Mall of the Future at ULI from CallisonRTKL on Vimeo. Following the release of Mall of the Future, an ongoing, in-depth research project aimed at predicting where the shopping mall and the retail experience are heading in the future, the team at CallisonRTKL applied the learning to a specific challenge: how do you resuscitate an […]

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The Next Steps in Healthcare Tech

CRTKL’s Mark Palmer and Scott Chester talk tech, virtual reality and the future of healthcare. Riding in on the coattails of one of the most contentious years in recent U.S. history, 2017 marks an uncertain future for the country. Despite the changes that are inevitably headed our way, at least one thing remains constant—the need […]

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What Makes a Super Tall Tower Super?

As new technologies fuel the race to build higher, three primal drivers simultaneously enable progress and keep it in check. According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), 2016 was a record-shattering year: 128 buildings of 200 meters in height or greater were completed around the world, and of those, 10 are […]

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