Press Release | December 5, 2016

Food, movement and technology will shape the future of European shopping, says world’s leading retail design firm

CallisonRTKL’s 2016 Shopping Centre Forecast explores the impact of Europe’s emerging consumer trends on the next generation of shopping centres

LONDON—December 5, 2016—CallisonRTKL, the world’s largest retail design firm, today released its 2016 Shopping Centre Forecast: The data- and insight-driven digital report predicts the trends that will drive changes in the European retail landscape over the next decade.

Among the insights contained in the report, shopping centre formats in Europe are predicted to narrow to just two types: large leisure-focused regional centres and small food-driven lifestyle centres. Key trends in shopping centres include the growing dominance and diversity of food; the alignment of the movement of people and goods; and the increasing importance of technology in meeting customers’ demands for convenience and customisation.

“Europe’s most enlightened shopping centre owners and developers are realising that remaining competitive means providing more than just the most popular shops,” says Nick Guy, director at CallisonRTKL. “Consumers today demand personal and authentic experiences that quickly get them the products they want and enrich their lives.”

The digital report explores the potential impact of new concepts, methods and technologies like self-parking cars, virtual fitting rooms, click and collect, and decentralised market-style dining options. Across Europe, many of these trends are already on show in recently opened shopping centres like Posnania in Poland, and in ambitious plans for expanded existing centres, like at Brent Cross in London.

“So many factors—from world politics to shifting economies—are having an influence on demographic and consumer trends,” said CallisonRTKL Director Ken Christian. “Our cutting-edge work with clients across Europe tells us the next generation of shopping centres will be far more customer-centric, omni-channel, and lifestyle-driven than anything we’ve seen in the past.”

Earlier this year, CallisonRTKL released Mall of the Future, a digital report that explores retail trends in North America and illustrates how malls there will change over the course of the next decade. To create both the US and European reports, CallisonRTKL used a combination of research, economic analysis, trends and experience working across the continent and in the UK.

CallisonRTKL has offices in Berlin, London and Manchester, as well as locations in the Middle East, Asia and North America. The practice has designed some of the world’s most renowned shopping centres including Metropolis in Moscow, Posnania in Poland, CentrO Oberhausen in Germany, as well as the Printemps department store in Paris. CallisonRTKL is currently working on an expansion and renovation of Brent Cross in London.

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