In The News | January 13, 2017

A New Plan for Plano

Associate Vice President Sarah Kimes discusses the Mall of the Future and ideas to revitalize Collin Creek Mall.

CallisonRTKL’s Sarah Kimes spoke with The Dallas Morning News about Plano’s Collin Creek Mall and CRTKL’s Mall of the Future. Malls, says Kimes, can no longer just be malls. Instead, they need to offer experiences and community, and with design updates, Collin Creek has the potential to do just that.

“[Collin Creek Mall] is the gateway into Plano,” Kimes says. “When you cross over from Richardson at the George Bush, that’s what you see. There’s such a great opportunity to create a interesting and special place there for Plano. It would regenerate the neighborhoods around it.”

Source: "What will save Plano's Collin Creek Mall? Answers are around it and under it." by The Dallas Morning News